Lampe Berger Exclusively at Topiaries
It was Marcel Berger, a pharmacist, who discovered one hundred years ago, the catalytic qualities that enable Lampe Berger to neutralize and eliminate odor sand tobacco smoke. Nowadays, Lampe Berger continues to operate according to this unique method. 

What makes the Berger lamp such a high-value item?
Berger Lamps are made of very fine materials such as Limoges porcelain from France, crystals, satin glass and earthenware. They are collector's items and have been known to appreciate considerably in value over the years.

Is the Berger lamp really effective?
It sure is! You'll be amazed how quickly the Berger lamp eliminates tobacco and pet odors; it'll freshen a smoke-filled room in a matter of minutes. As for your kitchen, say goodbye to unwanted cooking odors; the Berger lamp will wipe out disagreeable smells such as broccoli, cabbage and fish almost instantaneously. In summary, it will eliminate all bad odors from your home.

Where does the scent come from?
The scent is in the alcohol. Visit our refills page for a list of all of our current fragrances.

How long does a bottle of Ozoalcohol last?
It depends on how much you use it. The bottle included in the gift box will last for about 10 hours. The larger refill will last for approximately 25 hours.

How long does the burner last?
You won't have to replace the burner very often. It should last for at least 1 to 2 years, even with frequent use, unless improperly used.

Visit the official Lampe Berger website at for more information.

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The French have something that sets them apart, some king of je-ne-sais-quoi which combines refinement and character, prestige and modernity, all of which falling within an art de vivre that the rest of the world is envious of.

Since 1898, Maison Berger Paris has cultivated this exclusive spirit: previously with purifying and perfuming lamps embraced by Parisian high society and top designers; and now with a range of scented decorative objects which charm the senses with their delicate fragrances, their sleek design and their soothing scents.

When offering a gift from Maison Berger Paris, you favor uniqueness and high quality. Its sensory experiences exhale the sweet scent of travel, nature or childhood, and opens the doors to one’s inner well-being.